Namibia is one of the most important travel destinations on the African continent. Animals, landscapes and foreign cultures can be experienced here. To make you see and desire it, you can get a sneak peek here already. We are always ready to assist you when planning a tour or if you do not like to drive by yourself to be your guide.Here we have listed a few of Namibias top highlights for you.


animals Discover a great variety of species in Namibia.



etoshaThe Etosha National Park in northern Namibia is the largest national park in Namibia and home to almost all the wild animals that a tourist can imagine. In the park there are four state camps / lodges, entry costs for the amount of N $ 80 per day and per person, also extra charges may apply for your car. However, a stay of several days’ is worth it to go with seeing lions, elephants and other animals within touching distance.


sossusvleiThe Namib Desert is the oldest desert in the world and the dunes around the world-famous Sossusvlei are the highest in the world. A spectacular masterpiece of nature. The wind for centuries has shaped a diverse ocean of ​​sand. Visitors can enjoy unforgettable sunrises and the sporty ones, can climb up on the dunes and enjoy a huge view that appears almost unreal.


windhoekThe capital of Namibia will be the starting point of your Namibia holiday. Here your plane lands and from here you’ll also go home again. Therefore, it is worth to walk through the streets of windhoek and do a little shopping. Experience an incredibly fast growing metropolis, located somewhere in their development between colonial industrial city and “Europeanisation”. A highlight of the town is the Christuskirche. Windhoek is also known for a high number of tasty restaurants and the timber markets that offer you the ideal souvenir purchase. Katutura, the former township at the outskirts of the city is worth visiting. Here the “real” African life takes place.


swakopmundSwakopmund on Namibia’s coast in the western side of the country exudes the flair of a Baltic Sea. Populated by a number of colonial monuments and colonial architectural style and a real lighthouse, Swakopmund on cloudy days would rather remind you little about Africa. For active vacationers “Swakop” has a high number of activities such as: sightseeing, quad bike tours through the dunes, fishing, and boat tours with a high chance of seeing dolphins and seals a rather slight chance of a seeing a whale but you might get lucky, also parachute jumps are possible. The calmer visitors will enjoy the good food and some attractions such as museums or the neighboring town Walvis Bay.